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Single Resolution Subsetter of HDF Files

Program Name: SnglResSubsetter

Program Description: This program provides both spatial and data set subsetting for HDF files where all scientific data sets (SDS's) have the same spatial resolution. For MODIS-Atmosphere Level-2 products, this includes MOD04_L2, and MOD07_L2 HDF files, as well as MOD03. This code creates a new HDF file that may include any or all of the orginal set of geolocated scientific data sets (SDS's), with data that covers only a user specified geographic area. In addition, user specified non-geolocated scientific datasets, as well as metadata and other global attributes are copied to the output HDF file. This code has been tested on and is intended to be used for subsetting MOD03, MOD04_L2, and MOD07_L2 HDF files only, but this code might be useful for subsetting other HDF files that contain only a single resolution of geolocated data.

Language and Environment Requirements: Fortran 90, PERL Script, HDF-EOS Toolkit

Limitations: The HDF file to be subsetted must be visible to the program. That is, the HDF file must be accessible from the platform where the program is running.

Installation Tips: Once the files are unzipped and untarred, examine the README and HowToRun text files for more details on installing and running the code.

Developer: Eric Moody (NASA GSFC)

Current Version: Version 1.2 (2003)


Note: Download file is zipped and tarred.
To Unzip use the command "gzip -d filename".
To UnTar use the command "tar -xvf filename".