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Grids & Mapping

Product Grid 

The MODIS Atmosphere Profile (07_L2) product contains data that has a spatial resolution (pixel size) of 5 x 5 kilometers (at nadir). Each 07_L2 product file covers a five-minute time interval (based on the start time of each MODIS Level-1B granule), which means the 07_L2 output grid is 270 5-km pixels in width and 406 5-km pixels in length for nine consecutive granules. Every tenth granule has an output grid size of 270 by 408 pixels.

Granule Coverage 

The image below depicts MODIS Level-2 granule coverage during a single simulated orbit. Twenty consecutive granules are depicted. It should be noted that a granule of Level-2 MODIS data is defined as a single Level-2 MODIS product HDF file.

MODIS Level-2 Granule Coverage
Sample Orbital Track and Granule Coverage
Created by Li & Hubanks

Computation of Geolocation in 5-km L2 Products 

The geolocation in the 07_L2 MODIS product is at 5-km resolution. This geolocation is generated from 5x5 1-km L1B input and is copied from center (3,3) 1-km L1B input pixel in each 5x5-km area.

5-km geolocation computation image