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WATVP_L2 Issues

Tracking of known problems and subsequent fixes is an important issue for Continuity Atmosphere data users. This page will act as a repository of all known Continuity Atmosphere Data Product problems, as well as how to determine the problematic version (and the fixed version if available) of the NetCDF4 data -- therefore data users should check this page for updates regularly. Data Users unfamiliar with how to properly track problems and fixes by determining the version of their downloaded NetCDF4 files should refer to the documentation in the Introduction sublink (the top link along the LHS of this page).   Note that a checkmark (✔) in the tables below means Data Issue or Quality Statement applies.  A blank means it's been fixed or does not apply.

L2 Water Vapor (WATVP_L2) Data Issues: Table of Contents & Anchor Links  (Note: Anchor Links point to a specific place within this page.)

Collection/Platform where Issues Apply
Issue Impact     v1.0/MODIS v1.0/VIIRS Link
#1. Missing or Marginal Inputs to WATVP Product






L2 Water Vapor (WATVP_L2) Data Quality Statements: Table of Contents & Anchor Links  (Note: Anchor Links point to a specific place within this page.)

Collection/Platform where Quality Statements Apply
Quality Statement Impact     v1.0/MODIS v1.0/VIIRS Link
#1. None Found Yet







Issue #1: Inputs to the Water Vapor Product out of date or not available for periods of time

Description:  The SNPP VIIRS Water Vapor Product is not a formally funded product. The VIIRS water vapor product algorithm uses NUCAPS data which in turn requires CrIS and ATMS RDRs as input. The Atmosphere SIPS stopped ingesting these RDRs in September 2018 and therefore do not have required inputs to process data beyond September 2018. Further, the SNPP VIIRS water vapor through September 2018 was created using out-of-date versions of CrIS and ATMS RDRs and the NOAA NUCAPS products. Even though NOAA is still creating these products, they are updated versions and are not compatible with the VIIRS water vapor product generation code. There is a possibility the VIIRS water vapor product will be updated using new input datasets (CrIS/VIIRS fusion L2) which is still under the evaluation of the PI.


PGE Versions & Production Dates of Problematic & Corrected Data:

Problematic Data Corrected Data
PGE Versions Production Dates PGE Versions Production Dates
WATVP_L2 v1.0 All Production Dates    

Data Dates Affected: All Data Dates

Affected Platform: VIIRS SNPP

Versions Affected: Version.1.0

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Quality Statement #1: None Found Yet

Description: .

Guidance to Users:

Data Dates Affected:

Affected Platform:

Versions Affected:

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