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File Names

L3 CLDPROP (Cloud Properties) File Name Convention

Continuity Atmosphere Product NetCDF4 files are named using a standardized convention as displayed below.

Note that for the filename sample shown below:

  • The first part of the new standardized Product Prefix will be the Product Type (CLDPROP). 

    (It could also be CLDMSK, AERDB, or AERDT for those products).
  • The second part will be the Level (D3 for Daily or M3 for Monthly).
  • The third part will be the Instrument (VIIRS or MODIS).
  • The fourth part will be the Satellite Platform (SNPP or AQUA).
  • The Filename Version of 011 represents Version 1.1
  • The DDD in the date denotes the Day of Year (001-366).
  • All times are UTC time, not local time.