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Continuity User Guides

User Guides

Cloud Mask

L2 Cloud Mask (CLDMSK L2) User Guide   [v1, 2/1/19]     View PDF
Version 1.0, February 2019
Frey, Ackerman, et. al


Cloud Properties

L2 Cloud Properties (CLDPROP_L2) User Guide   [v1.1, 1/24/20]     View PDF
Version 1.1, January 2020
Platnick, Heidinger, et. al

L2 Cloud Properties (CLDPROP_L2) Version 1.1 Change Summary   [v1, 8/20/19]     View PDF     View DOCX
Version 1.0, August 2019
Platnick, Meyer


L3 Cloud Properties (CLDPROP_L3) User Guide   [v1.8, 10/10/19]     View PDF     View DOCX
Version 1.8, October 2019
Hubanks, et. al


Aerosol Deep Blue

L2 Aerosol Deep Blue (AERDB_L2) User Guide  [v1.1, 6/4/19]     View PDF
Version 1.1, June 2019
Hsu, et. al

Aerosol Dark Target

L2 Aerosol Dark Target (AERDT_L2) User Guide  [v3, 10/28/19]     View PDF
Version 3, October 2019
Levy, et. al


QA Plan

All L2 Continuity Atmosphere Products

Continuity Atmosphere QA Plan  [v2.2, 1/27/20]     View PDF
Version 2.2, January 2020
Hubanks, et. al