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DOI Reference

L2 AERDB (Aerosol Deep Blue) DOI Reference

Data Object Identifier System

Dataset Short Name:
AERDB_L2_VIIRS_SNPP  (VIIRS Instrument / SNPP Platform)

Dataset Long Name:
Continuity VIIRS/SNPP Level-2 (L2) Aerosol Deep Blue Product

Other Information:
Swath, 6km resolution
Six minute time-period granules
Format: NetCDF4 files


VIIRS  (Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite)

Product Description:
The Level-2 Continuity Atmospheric Aerosol Deep Blue Product (AERDB_L2) provides full global coverage of aerosol properties from the Deep Blue (DB) algorithm. The DB algorithm covers the entire land area of the Earth, including both dark and bright surfaces. Results are provided on a 6 x 6 km pixel scale (6 km at nadir). Each product file covers a six-minute time interval. Product files are stored in NetCDF4 format.

Production Frequency:
VIIRS: 240 files per day

Spatial Coverage:
Global, in 6 minute granules

Spatial Resolution:
6 x 6 km at nadir

File Size:
100 MB

Related Links:
(Atmosphere Imager Continuity Aerosol Deep Blue Product)

Data Authors:
Aerosol Deep Blue:  Christina Hsu, Jaehwa Lee, Vincent Kim

Dataset Originator/Creator:
Atmosphere Science Team / Aerosol Deep Blue Team
Science Investigator-led Processing Systems (SIPS)


When using Version 1.0 Data:   (File Version 001) 
(To determine the Collection version of the data you used or are using, look at the NetCDF4 filename. If there is a ".001." field in the NetCDF4 filename, then it's Version 1.0 data.)

Dataset DOI:   (Data Object Identifier) (VIIRS)


Citation:   (We kindly request that you cite the use of any Version 1.0 Continuity Atmosphere Aerosol Deep Blue data in a publication using the following wording.)

Hsu, C., J. Lee, V. Kim, 2019. Continuity Atmosphere L2 VIIRS Aerosol Deep Blue (AERDB_L2_VIIRS_SNPP), SIPS Processing System, University of Wisconsin, [doi:10.5067/VIIRS/AERDB_L2_VIIRS_SNPP.001; doi:10.5067/VIIRS/AERDB_L2_VIIRS_SNPP.001]