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Continuity Products Released

Version 1.1 CLDPROP (Cloud Properties) products are released. Version 1.0 CLDMSK (Cloud Mask), AERDB (Aerosol Deep Blue), & AERDT (Aerosol Dark Target) products are also released.  Product availability is from 1 March 2012 through the present for all products. For the CLDMSK and CLDPROP products, there are both SNPP-VIIRS and Aqua-MODIS streams. For the AERDB & AERDT products, there is only a SNPP-VIIRS stream. Both Level-2 (L2) and Level-3 (L3) products are available for AERDB and CLDPROP.  At the present time, only Level-2 (L2) products are available for AERDT.  Keep up with late-breaking LAADS news and spotlight items at LAADS Alerts and Issues.