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Cloud Mask

Cloud Mask Products

Cloud Mask

The Cloud Mask Product indicates whether a given instrument field of view (FOV) of the Earth's surface is unobstructed by clouds or affected by cloud shadows. The cloud mask also provides additional information about the FOV including the presence of: cirrus clouds, ice/snow, and sunglint contamination. Finally flags denoting day/night and land/water are included. The ESDT names are MOD35_L2 (Terra) and MYD35_L2 (Aqua).

Bob Holz

Atmosphere Discipline Team Lead - Continuity Products

Miguel Román

MODIS Team Lead

Format & Content

L2 CLDMSK (Cloud Mask) Format & Content

Shown below is the complete SDS Inventory Table for the L2 Cloud Mask (CLDMSK_L2) product. This table provides a full accounting of the parameters in the L2 CLDMSK Continuity Product File.

DOI Reference

L2 CLDMSK (Cloud Mask) DOI Reference

Data Object Identifier System

Dataset Short Name:
CLDMSK_L2_MODIS_Aqua  (MODIS Instrument / Aqua Platform)
CLDMSK_L2_VIIRS_SNPP  (VIIRS Instrument / SNPP Platform)

Dataset Long Name:
Continuity MODIS/Aqua Level-2 (L2) Cloud Mask Product
Continuity VIIRS/SNPP Level-2 (L2) Cloud Mask Product

File Names

 L2 CLDMSK (Cloud Mask) File Name Convention

Continuity Atmosphere Product NetCDF4 files are named using a standardized convention as displayed below.

Note that for the filename sample shown below: