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Atm Profile

Atmosphere Profile Products

Atm Profile

The Atmosphere Profile Product monitors profiles of atmospheric temperature and moisture, atmospheric stability, and total ozone burden. The ESDT names are MOD07_L2 (Terra) and MYD07_L2 (Aqua).

Bob Holz

Atmosphere Discipline Team Lead - Continuity Products

Miguel Román

MODIS Team Lead

Unstable Atmospheric Profile Retrievals over Antarctica

In collection 006, the cloud mask is failing to detect high thick clouds over the Weddell Sea area when it is ice-covered. This represents a small area over very dry conditions, but it is causing high and noisy retrievals (high standard deviation) in the integrated water vapor values (440-10 hPa) and unrealistic values in the Retrieved Temperature Profiles and Total Ozone. These problem pixels can be filtered out by users with additional sanity checks until it is fixed in the future PGE03 delivery.

Incorrect Terra IR Water Vapor Profiles from Band 27 Crosstalk

Description: April 2016 update from PGE03 developers: A band 27 cross-talk problem, that increased (and became more pronounced) over time starting around 2010, produced incorrect IR Water Vapor profiles, with artificially low moisture content in the middle atmospheric layer and excessively high values in the upper troposphere. The MCST is still investigating possible fixes for this problem. Users should note that the IR Water Vapor profile data is in an SDS called "Water_Vapor", "Water_Vapor_Low", and "Water_Vapor_High" in the 07_L2 file.

Steve Platnick

Atmosphere Discipline Team Lead - Standard Products

DOI Reference

MODIS Atmosphere L2 Atmosphere Profile Product

Data Object Identifier System

Dataset Short Name:
MOD07_L2 (Terra Platform)
MYD07_L2 (Aqua Platform)

Dataset Long Name:
MODIS/Terra Level-2 (L2) Atmosphere Profile Product
MODIS/Aqua Level-2 (L2) Atmosphere Profile Product
(Swath, 1km and 5km Resolution)
(5 minute time-period HDF files)