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MODIS Standard Scientific Presentations

Power Point


Spatial & Temporal Distribution of Cloud Properties Observed by MODIS: L3 Results from C6
King, Platnick, Meyer, Hubanks
2016 International Radiation Symposium
Auckland, New Zealand (Apr 2016)
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Boundary Layer Cloud Characterization w. Passive Satellite Imagers: Capabilities, Limitations, Needs
Platnick, Zhang, Hubanks, Holz, Pincus, Ackerman, Maddux
Innovative Satellite Observations to Characterize the Cloudy Boundary Layer
Keck Institute for Space Studies, Cal Tech (Sep 2010)
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Ten Years of Cloud Optical/Microphysical Measurements from MODIS
Platnick, King
IGARSS Cape Town SAFARI 2000, Session I
Cape Town, South Africa (Jul 2009)
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  Optical & Microphysical Satellite Retrievals of Marine Stratocumulus Clouds for Coastal Southern Africa
Platnick, King, Hubanks, Wind, Arnold
IGARSS Cape Town SAFARI 2000, Session II
Cape Town, South Africa (Jul 2009)
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  Aerosols, Clouds, and Climate
NASA Earth System Science @ 20 Symposium
National Academy of Sciences, Washington DC (Jun 2009)
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